After years of drinking bland lager, I can still remember the first craft beer I ever tried and thinking ‘oh my god, this is insane’. The memory is still a fresh as if it were yesterday. It was on a Saturday, it was raining, the last of my hair had began to fall out like the dying leaves on an autumn tree and Maroon 5 were at number 1 with Payphone…….. These were bad times but I remember drinking that beer and thinking I could drink this all day, so I did.

The beer was Runaway’s IPA and it got me on the road to drinking more craft beer. After drinking loads of beer, reading about beer, visiting places that brewed beer and even having a few dreams about beer, I decided I would love to be involved with it everyday.

Coming up with the idea of starting a website was easy, the hard part was coming up with a name. We needed a name that would help us stand out so we spent loads of time trying to think of one.

BeerStork came about after hours and hours of writing names of beer related things down, putting them with other names of beer related things, scribbling out the names we spent hours writing down and starting again.  Then my wife came up with the name, most annoyingly.

Once that was done we got the website set up and started selling beers.

Our aim is to bring you the best brews, from the best breweries, straight to your door.

We keep all of beers we have in stock in fridges so changes in outside temperatures don’t ruin the freshness.

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