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Intro to Craft Beer

Friday 1st February 2019, 19:30

At The Kitchen, Warren road, Cheadle Hulme , SK8 5AA

Poster for intro to craft beer event at the kitchen

The beers have been supped, the food scoffed and the people have gone home but the Intro to craft beer night will live on through the next few paragraphs.

The intro to craft beer night was our second event and was all about getting people into beer that isn’t bland and boring. It was also our second collaboration with At The Kitchen who provided the food to keep us all well fed and happy. As i started to set the beers up i wondered what level of beer drinker would turn up. Would there be people with no experience of beer, experience but wanted a night of beer and food or the hardcore fan but it turned out to be a good mix of the first 2.

After setting up Angela talked me through the menu for the night, steak sandwiches, falafel wraps, straw chips and finishing with tart and ice cream. I wiped the drool from mouth, finished my beer and opened the door and waited for everyone to turn up. It amazing that when beer and food is involved everyone always turns up bang on time ready to get involved. Nobody is ever late.

I chose a beer from 6 different styles so everyone would try some thing they might not usually drink and that there is more out there than IPA’s. The beers we used are listed below

Pale ale: Sonoma by Track

IPA:        Lagonda by Marble Brewers

Pils:        Concrete Playground by Shindigger

Saison:   Winter Saison by Runaway Brewery

Gose:       Parts Unknown by Left Handed Giant

Stout:      Lupo Nero by Seven Brother Brewery

It was a really good crowd of people who were happy to ask questions but also chatted with each other about beer, the only time they were quiet was when they were eating. The food was so good and Angela used some of the beers on the night as ingredients in the grub.  So with everyone well oiled and bellies full of food they disappeared into the night, hopefully with a new found love for beer.

At The Kitchen host many other events through out the year such as super clubs, wine nights, cheese night and a whole loads more so check out for more info.

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