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Meat The Brewer – Seven Brothers Brewery

Thursday 25th July 2019, 19.30

At The Kitchen, 5 Warren Road, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 5AA

pies and beer.

Meat The Brewer #2

Meat the brewer #2 is over. The pies have been eaten, the beers have been supped and the stools have put been back on top of the tables just like we used to do at school.

When i planned the event i had no idea it would be the hottest day of the year reaching over 30 on the thermometer and worried how the night would play out. Would people want to get stuck into stouts, pies and sausage rolls whilst melting from the heat? There was no need to worry as everyone got stuck in to everything and made sure nothing was left after the night was over. This made me really happy because it meant i had less things to carry home afterward.

Seven Brothers sent down their head brewers, Jack & Eddie, to talk all things beer on the night and what goes into working in a quality brewery producing quality craft beer. After getting lost trying to find the venue they burst through the doors like rock stars taking to the stage and got straight into it. The knowledge between the two of them was next level and had no issues answering any question thrown at them by the crowd adding plenty of laughs along the way. They told us about the history of Seven Brothers, what their plans were for the future and who their favourite brother was at the brewery. They said all of them (just in case one of them is reading this).

We reached the half way point 3 beers in and i don’t know about you lot but my belly always starts to rumble after a couple of beers so i was very happy to have food from Littlewoods Butchers waiting for us in the wings. We dished out the pies and sausage rolls with the rest of the food and took 15mins to soak up the great first half of the evening. The room went quiet as everyone nailed the food occasionally stopping to have a drink of beer or to say to the person next to them how nice the food was. The pies were made with Seven Brothers Sling It Out stout and i want to say to Marcus and his team at Littlewoods Butchers how good they were. THANK YOU.

Onto the second half of the event and it was straight back into the beers and talking about the story behind them. The questions still kept coming and the brewers kept answering which led to us finishing a bit later then we should but nobody cared and everyone seemed to have a great evening.

Beers served on the night were Pilsner, Session, Throw Away IPA, Cast Off Pale, Sling It Out Stout, Yuk Brew and Honeycomb Pale Ale.

If you don’t already then you should get your phone out of your pockets and click follow for Seven Brothers Brewery and Littlewoods Butchers on Instagram.

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