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Stout & About In Town #1

Saturday 26th January 2019, 15.00

Northern Monk Refectory, 10 Tariff St, Manchester, M1 2FF


Stout & About was all about getting beer lovers together to enjoy some of the good stuff in one of Manchester’s great beers location. For this one i decided to go to Northern Monk Refectory as it’s in the centre of Manchester and the beer is insanely good. Read on to find out how it went.

I strolled into Northern Monk Refrectory on a wet Saturday afternoon with my wife Pip, we ordered beers and found the biggest table possible for the huge amount of people who were going to turn up. We waited and waited and waited, ordered a another beer and did some more waiting. The 2 hours flew by and disappeared without anyone turning up.

Pip asked if it bothered me that no one turned up? Don’t get me wrong i would of loved it if loads of people showed up but at the same time it wasn’t the end of the world that nobody did. When i came up with the idea i just chose a date, thought that’s all i needed to do and the rest would fall into place. Since then i realised that organising an event on the same day as Manchester Beer Festival wasn’t the greatest thing to do. Now i’m not saying that is why people didn’t come but it made me realise forward planning is something i need to work on. LOL (apologies for the LOL). There is loads of reasons people didn’t turn up but it was a first attempt and we will be trying again.

Social media can make it seem like everything anyone does these days is a huge success without anything going wrong or falling flat on its face, that’s why i was decided to be honest in theis blog. I could of lied and said it was a huge success but what’s the point, plus it would make me a bit of a dickhead if i did that. This hasn’t put me off doing the stout and about next month so check back for more deets in the coming days. I’m taking my dogs to the next stout and about so we have at least 4 there beating last months turn out of 2.

Big shout out to Charlotte at Creative Wilderness for inspiring me about social media honesty.

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